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Occupancy assessment


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We have a proposed function room on the third floor in an existing hotel. We have two storey exits. Discounting one gives an exit capacity of around 250 which is more than we need for the intended purpose.However, when floor space factors are applied, the room occupancy could be calculated as more than double that figure. That being the case Building Control will not permit the development unless the room size is reduced to reflect the occupancy calculated from the floor space factor. Doing that would not work as the room is intended as a wedding venue. They argue that the tables could be removed and the occupancy would need to be based on that of a bar.  I have sympathy with their stance as management systems in such places can be hit and miss but guidance does imply that even in a room without fixed seating, basing occupancy on exit capacity is a feasible option. I would appreciate your opinions.

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Why are you slumming here Lyledunn it's only you and a few more keeping Firenet forum alive but I will try and give an answer.

When I dealt with new buildings I used to calculate the worst scenario on each floor and provided the MoE to meet that number. If it was an existing building I would calculate the worst scenario and if I couldn't provide the ideal MoE then I would limit the numbers within the fire certificate which I did with some trepidation. So I do understand their stance and if it is impossible to provide an ideal MoE reducing the size of the room may be a solution but functions like wedding are notorious for overcrowding at night.


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I know Tom, I am danger of becoming a forum crawler. Whilst I have a favourite pub, the landlord doesn't really mind when I have a sup in the hostelrie across the road. I often find that the company there is every bit as urbane and erudite as my usual haunt! We often have the same topics of conversation and opinions are mostly the same but at least I have comfort in the fact that if my wee place were to close, I have, at least, made myself known in an alternative haunt. 

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