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Old FD30S doors

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Guest MarkFD30


I have been asked to replace a few hinges and handles on some fire doors in an small healthcare building after by a fire safety inspection. The original architect drawings showed FD30S. 

The building was built in 1999/2000.  There are no CE or BS marks on the old hinges or mortice locks and no intumescent pads.  Is this normal for a building of that age? 

The reason I'm asking is that if all the hinges and locks were incorrectly installed in 2000 then that'll be a landlord issue for providing a defective building and every door will need to be updated.  If we only need to replace the worn hinges and dropping handles then that's a tenant issue under repairing liabilities and just 4 doors need new hinges. 

My plan is to use grade 13 hinges with intumescent pads to comply with modern standards, but I'm not changing the locks so I'll not update them with intumescent pads.

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Since July 2013, CE Marking is mandatory for construction products covered by harmonised European Standards (hENs), when placed on the market. So it appears CE marks where not required when the initial fire doors where installed, all the guidance said, there should be 3 and be made of material with a melting point ln excess of 800C.

Installation of fire doors have improved over the last few years and chippy’s like your self are far more knowledgeable than before. I think you should do those things you are contracted to do and if you see other things you consider should be attended to, and then advise the Responsible Person.

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