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Break in intumescent seal at door lock?


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I have been asked to fit an intumescent seal to an existing front door which is deemed to be FD30.   As it is a tight fitting door I want to router a channel in the door and fit a flush seal.  However there will be a gap where the seal meets the door furniture of a lock and catch - probably 180mm long on the opening side of the door. Is this acceptable as there will be no seal over this length of the door?Thanks

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question is are you competent to do this work, if you were you would know the answer. being able to use a router doesn't make you competent.

you should first check with the door manufacturer if this type of door is ok for it to be fitted. hinge pads have nothing to do with the strips, they are there to prevent heat transfer into the door and frame from the hinges. technically if its an fd30 you don't have to fit hinge pads unless the manufacturer states it after being under test conditions, go do the course at bre, you will be surprised how the regs have changed over the years

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Daveol the only regulations in my understanding, The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 article 18 requires the Responsible Person (RP) toe use competent persons to assist him/her to carry out their responsibilities. An explanation of a competent person states he/she must have appropriate training but doesn't detail that training so it is up to the RP to decide what that training is, and in the last resort the courts will decide, to date I am not aware of any such decisions.

I do accept the guidance, standards and best practice has changed over the years but in this day of risk assessment, it is only recommendations. 

So training by other organizations is equally acceptable as that provided by the BRE.

With regards to the hinge pads/locks as the intumescent strip is designed to fill the gap between the door leaf and the frame to prevent the fire from breaking through at that point. However, as the strip stops at the hinges/locks, I thought the pads where to fill the gap at that point.

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