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  1. yes you could fit a blank to the correct standards, but you then have no certification for it as it will never have been certified under test conditions. therefore it will be a non compliant door as it does not have a certificate.
  2. if this is a personal entrance to your own flat and not public right of way then it is ok. once it becomes a public escape route then all doors should open in the direction of the fire exit
  3. question is are you competent to do this work, if you were you would know the answer. being able to use a router doesn't make you competent. you should first check with the door manufacturer if this type of door is ok for it to be fitted. hinge pads have nothing to do with the strips, they are there to prevent heat transfer into the door and frame from the hinges. technically if its an fd30 you don't have to fit hinge pads unless the manufacturer states it after being under test conditions, go do the course at bre, you will be surprised how the regs have changed over the years
  4. tom its not hard to find out. ive just completed fire door fitting and maint courses and inspectors course at BRE. you should not cut any apertures into doors for glazing or vents unless you are approved by the manufacturer. if you fit it from a blank you wont have any certification as it will not have been tested to destruction, no certification = non compliance with building regs
  5. regs state now these have to be fitted when purchasing a fire door from manufacturers of if you have approval from the manufacturer to fit these, somehow I think they wont give you it but will supply you with it already fitted to your building fire assessors specs.
  6. technically now if you haven't had appropriate training you should not be inspecting or undertaking any work on fire doors. if something goes wrong it will come back and bite you. they are really beginning to tighten this up after grenfell
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