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Self closing fire doors

Guest Matt

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I have looked through some of these threads and done some research but not really seen the answer I am after. I have the old chain closers on the fire doors but want to get rid of them. It looks to me that you don’t need the self closing fire doors anymore, is that correct? Or if you do then it looks like you can get the spring loaded hinges, would that be ok?


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It depends on the type of premises you are talking about, if it is a flat front door opening onto a common area then it needs to be a FD30s fire door with an approved self closer, chain self closers are not approved as well as spring loaded hinges all the other door to habitable rooms should be FD20 fire doors without self closers but there can be exceptions. If it is a private domestic dwelling check out https://www.safelincs-forum.co.uk/topic/5163-fire-doors-in-a-domestic-3-storey-house/?do=findComment&comment=13398.


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