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Anti Tamper Seal Colour


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I have recently been notified by a potential customer that our fire extinguishers are not fit for purpose as the anti-tamper seals are the wrong colour? They were all serviced in March 2018 and orange tags fitted but the customer is insistent that they MUST be grey otherwise they won't work with us?

The service stickers on each extinguisher shows the service history and I have the paperwork to show they have been serviced. Does the tag colour relate to the year or is it down to the service engineer to choose the colour? 

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8 hours ago, AnthonyB said:

Complete load of cobblers - there is no statutory or common industry requirement to change colours. It's a good practice but even then there is no fixed scheme and different companies have completely different colours and rotations.

Just my thoughts:

Whilst I agree with AnthonyB, I look at it that "The customer is always right, even when he is wrong" It's pointless arguing in this case, and if you keep the customer by changing the tags to grey ones I would do it, BUT send them an invoice of £0.00 stating "At customer request change all anti-tamper tags to customer specified grey tags" That way he can not turn round and say you are admitting they are "The wrong colour"


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