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Fire Alarm Problem

Jim Allen

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Hi, new member seeking advice, we recently took over the lease at a industrial property that has an existing fire alarm system. I have started doing weekly call point tests which we carried out successfully, however when we tried triggering call point 6 no sounders triggered but on the alarm panel it showed a general fault. When I reset the call point the fault disappeared.  Can any body help?

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It needs to be corrected by a competent person. My guess is its wired wrong, or it is the wrong type of call point for your fire alarm panel.

Not all call points are the same (other than the colour) fire panels look for various things (depending on panel) to indicate fire or fault, some use resistors other use diodes some have a "chip" if when activated the panel does not see what it is looking for then it shows a fault condition which will clear when the BGU is reset (as yours did) this indicates the cable is working but the call point itself is the problem.

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