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Fire door to boiler room


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Hi everyone. Newbie to the forum so apologies if this question has been covered before.

I have a new-build property with an attached garage but there is no direct door through into the house - as you will see from the attached plan the rear garage door opens to an external space as does the separate rear door of the house. The garage has a plant / boiler room in it to house a wall mounted boiler / storage cylinder etc. This door opens out into the garage space.

I'm trying to work out what kind of door I need on the boiler room - it’s not on a main fire escape from the house and the garage has its main front large door and a separate rear door opening to an external path. I'd also though of adding a grill in the door not for ventilation (though this may be a good thing but for heat to 'leak' into the garage.

Any ideas anyone as so far, I’m heading for a plywood fire door more for robustness than anything else

Boiler room.pdf

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I am not aware of any regulations that would require you to fit a fire door to the boiler room. However I would be cautious and have a door that provides some fire resistance, a well fitting substantial door would suffice and if you intend providing a vent in the door I would use an intumescent vent.

Assuming the garage/boiler room is well compartmented from the rest of the dwelling, the boiler room will not be a life risk, but it could spread to the garage and cause considerable damage.

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Thanks Tom, thats helpful. I will probably go for a ply faced fire door anyway as they tend to be more robust than other doors which makes sense with it being  a garage




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