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Kidde Firex KF10 - stuck in Hush mode??

Guest Rob Oliver

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Guest Rob Oliver

Hi, we changed the batteries in both our interlinked Kidde Firex KF10s, as one was giving us the chirp every 30 seconds or so - the other one was fine.  We followed the instructions, changed both batteries and then tested the batteries afterwards.  Both beeped as they should have, but when the mains was reconnected the red light continues to flash red on both devices, and no green light is displayed.  The only thing I can find in the User Manual about this red light every 10 seconds is that the device is in Hush mode and should come out of it in about 10 minutes.  An hour later, still no green light on eitherr device, just a red light every 10 seconds.  Can you please advise how we can get the green light back on please?

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I have just had a brief read of the instructions, as far as I can tell, no green light means there is no mains supply to the detector, although you said you have switched it off and on are you sure it is still on or that a fuse has not blown?

I would switch the  mains off again take the detectors down and check the connection to the "plug" for each detector, make sure there are no loose wires.

It does strike me as odd, that both have no green light....................unless there is no mains.

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