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I recently arrange a visit from FSO to look at my flat entrance door as I wanted to know if it was a fire door? It was built 1960 on 2 rising butt hinges with draft excluder all around frame. Opens onto communal hallway which leads to main exit door.

Due to his visit i’m Getting a new FDS30 door. He looked round the block 3 floor 6 flats in total.

The FSO contacted the Director and told him doors to other flats had to be changed under the 2005 act. The director is unhappy with this and is questioning the FSO as he says the doors are fine and only need to be changed if individual flat owners want to.

I wonder if you could tell me who is correct. I personally trust the FSO as this is his job.

On the other hand our Director says he is very knowledgeable on this and the FSO is wrong.

thanks for any advice given

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Depends on the existing doors specification and the size and layout of the block of flats - based on this the guidance risk assessors and enforcers should follow will state if:

- Existing contemporary doors in good order can remain

- Existing contemporary doors in good order can remain, but with upgrade (such as new door closers and the addition of intumescent strips and cold smoke seals)

- Complete new FD30S doorset required

Unless the latter is required door replacement is optional, however if it is flat owners have to comply or they can be compelled under the Housing Act (easier to use tool than the Fire Safety Order) to do so.

Link to guidance: https://www.local.gov.uk/sites/default/files/documents/fire-safety-purpose-built-04b.pdf

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Thanks, as far as I’m aware a notice of deficiencies and most important replacement of front doors to provide 30 minutes fire protection to the means of escape. 

Does that mean doors have to be replaced or does it mean removing rising butts and adding  smoke seals like director says.

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If it's a notice of deficiencies it's not formal enforcement - does the covering letter say they are coming back to check (often they don't).

Without seeing the premises I can't say for sure, you need a competent fire risk assessment to determine this and prove to the fire service it's OK.

Assuming the director has consulted the LGA Guide I linked to and read it correctly then if the doors are the original notional fire doors and the flats are under the relevant numbers of floors, etc as per the guide then replacing the closer and upgrading with intumescent strips and cold smoke seals may well suffice and as long as this is all recorded in the FRA the FRS should accept it (or risk a determination that they may loose) 

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Thanks Anthony, 

I have done a  assessment of my door. Original 1960 flat door

it is hollow not solid

the thin edge is only 1.5cm

ithas 2 rising butt hinges no self closure

it has no seals around door or letterbox

so in my opinion not up to standard, too much work to try and bring it up to standard required so in your opinion am I making the right decision to get a new composite FD30S door.

thanks just don’t want to waste money if I don’t need to.


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