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Fire doors in dwelling flat. Needed?


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Our building is two storey dwelling connected with another two storey dwelling. Each dwelling have two flats. I live on the top first floor and when open the doors there is a landing outside with length of around 4metres. It connects further to stairs landing we share with the other top flat. Our doors are old wooden with large window and not fire doors. I would like to replace it.                                       

 Do I need to fit fire doors?                                          Is the landing/balcony like/ a communal area if we are the only one using it?                                     I understand the stairs are communal but it’s far from my doors.

The windows are with emergency fire exits.

Can you help please?


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A fire risk assessor would look a this situation and ask the question if this door is not a fire door would any other persons in the buildings be put at risk if a fire immersed from that door. From what you have said, including the image, it appears nobody would be, my only concern is the location of the staircase and could that be threatened.

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