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Final Fire Exit Doors

A Jones

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This enquiry is split into 2 issues involving separate final exit doors.

1. An exit door incorporates a manual push bar and also a mag lock with a push-to-open door button (on the adjacent wall). You normally have to push the button and then the bar to open the door.

During a fire drill, it was found that mag lock did not go into fail-open ie you still had to push the button then the push bar to get out. This area is potentially used by more than 60 people although there is another safe exit on the other side of the building.

2. Another final exit door, opens inwards as otherwise the door would open into an external corridor. I have suggested moving the door frame slightly further in to facilitate the door being opened outwards without obstructing the corridor.This area is used by less than 20 people.

I would be grateful if you could provide any advice on whether either of these conform to current fire regs?

Many thanks!




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Didn't fully explain circumstsances
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In scenario 1 you have an exit which should be panic proof, but is not as the mag lock installation isn't BS7273-4 compliant. There is a resulting crush hazard risk (moreso if a place of assembly) and remedial action is required.

Scenario 2 requires no action as inward opening doors are usually tolerable where less than 60 persons use the door. 

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