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Trimming of fire doors

Guest Stanto

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Good morning, 

I would be grateful for some advice.  I am in the process of replacing 9 existing doors with FD 30 Fire Doors 762mm x 1981mm and new 30mm linings but my problem is that the width of the existing 9 doors varies from 752mm to 760mm, which is only a small amount but is giving me a headache.  Therefore, I need to consider trimming between 5mm-10mm off either side to accommodate the existing shortfall and 30mm lining.

1)      The suppliers are stating that once you trim more than 4mm of either side then their warranty becomes invalid.  Each side has a solid 35mm thick trim down each side.  The other option is to increase the aperture to accommodate the new door and frame which would mean cutting into brickwork and in some instances, it may not physically be possible due to adjoining walls. 

2)      My carpenter has stated the local council would (in his experience) have no problem in signing off a trimmed door of 5mm to 10mm off either side considering there is 35mm trim to ‘use’.  All sides would be fitted with intumescent strips and all fire rated ironmongery. 

The cost of Option 1 doesn’t concern me but the mess and disruption does and I’m looking for advice as to whether it is really necessary? 

Many thanks

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Hi Stanto,

modern fire doors have very little trim allowance due to the way their core is designed with hollowed out-areas to reduce weight and cost. As a result, these standard replacement fire doors might be unsuitable. You may need to order fire doors made-to-measure, which adds costs but ensures that you are covered should there be a fire. Safelincs, for example, offers a simple online fire door configurator which allows for fire doors as well as frames to be ordered for your specific dimensions.


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Guest Danny

Hey guy , I am in process  of doing  some fd30 doors ,what it's the maximum  I can take off the bottom  of the door, is some of them I must take 30mm it's that ok 

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