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Internal door closers in Victorian house with loft conversion


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I would welcome some advice about doors and door closers in our house.

We have just moved to a house built in 1906.  The loft was converted about 15 years ago.  There is a fire door leading to the loft room.  All the other doors - ie habitable rooms leading off the main escape route are stripped, traditional doors.  Two questions.  First: should the stripped doors have (concealed) closers for fire reg and/or insurance purposes?  Second: should the stripped doors be replaced with fire doors?  The conversion was subject to planning permission and building reg clearance at the time, so we assume it was right at the time - but have regs changed?  At the moment, I am more concerned about insurance cover.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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According to Approved Document B (fire safety) volume 1: Dwellinghouses you do not require self closing devices, except if you have a fire door between the house and an integral garage, it has to be fitted with a S/C device.

If you have a completion certificate you have met the guidance when the loft conversion took place 15 years ago and you are within the law, until you carry out any further building work.

If you have any doubts you should seek guidance from your local building control department.

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Guest Pioneer Consult

You could have these doors replaced with just fire doors (without being self-closing) and meet the ‘current’ Building Regulations requirements however these works will be controlled by the local authority or approved inspector building control body.

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