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smoke alarm going off for no reason

Guest libby

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in my house we have two fire alarms, one upstairs and one downstairs. recently the downstairs alarm has been going off for no reason several nights in a row and would typically last as long as any fire alarm would, is this something i should worry about or possibly just a technical issue?

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I would have to ask, are they "fire alarms" or are they "smoke alarms" I will guess you mean smoke alarms, the interesting thing is, you say they only went off at night, and several nights in a row. From that I have to ask would any one have been down stairs, may be making toast and forgot it and it got burnt?

The other question is since you first asked your question, has it happened again? If the answer is no, I would say that what ever was causing the smoke alarm to activate is no longer there. If the answer is yes, next time it happens go straight to the detector and look at it , see if you can see / smell anything "odd"

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Hi, We have the same problem. We have  two Deta 1151 smoke alarms which were fitted in our new build 5 years ago. The alarm upstairs started sounding(not beeping) during the night last night but there was no fire. We had to disconnect it as it kept going off. It was manufactured in 2015. We have replaced the battery today but it is still sounding. Do you have any advice? Many thanks

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