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Fire rated solid brass Europrofile cylinders

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According to EN 1634-1:2014, the furnace temperature will reach 1000 degrees Celsius after 60 minutes, if melting point of brass is 900 degrees Celsius how cylinders are supposed to maintain its integrity during the test?

Many European third party labs will require that doors during the test to have double cylinder in order to achieve successful EI90 or EI180 doors.

Anybody has a solution to this problem? 

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I would think the brass would not melt into a liquid form at those temperatures it is more likely to soften and distort like steel at those temperatures. Providing the door remains closed, the role of the lock will achieved its aims and it holds back the fire for the given time it will have passed.

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Hi Fadi,

I would add that it is of course the 'lock-bolt or latch-bolt in its keep' that will help to hold the door closed in a fire situation. As far the fire performance tests are concerned the manufacturer will have test evidence for his products used in timber or metal doors. Please note that test results of components used in metal doors should not be used to substantiate performance for timber doors and vice versa. 

Timber fire door manufacturers' data sheets and instruction manuals will specify the requirements for locks and latches as well as providing installation requirements.These documents are generally available for FD30 and FD60 on-line.

Regards, Neil.

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