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Calculating occupancy levels - door widths


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We are trying to calculate occupancy capacity levels and have a conflict of opinion...

Three means of escape.  Plenty of floor space.  But, each door is a "penny-farthing" style with a 900mm self-closing door, plus a minor leaf of 300mm which is secured shut at all times with flush bolts at top and bottom of minor door leaf.

So, should we be using 1200mm to calculate the capacity limits, or 900mm??  Someone has said 900mm but the other argument is that the minor leaf can be opened without need for a key (albeit with two motions needed to unbolt top and bottom bolts) so we should be using 1200mm.

Any guidance much appreciated?  I've tried to find something in BS9999 and ADB as well as DCLG guides but can't see anything which relates to this style of door when calculating occupancy levels.

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