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Extinguisher cover

Guest Izak van Niekerk

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Guest Izak van Niekerk


We are a small business that is made up of 2 floors (ground floor and basement aprox 40m2 per floor).

We have always had 2 extinguishers per floor. 1 x 2kg CO2 extinguisher per floor and 1 x 6kg Water extinguisher per floor.

We have them serviced every year and they are approximately 3.5 years old. 

We have just had our annual service and the company has said that we need to replace our extinguishers with foam ones to comply with BS.

Are we being conned? Is there a document I can refer to for some reference?


Thank you


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The reference to the BS is indeed BS.

Your water extinguishers just need a Basic Service until they are 5 years old at which point they need an Extended Service where they have to be removed from the premises, discharged, stripped down, internally examined, and recharged with all new O rings and seals. Some companies will replace new as oppose to doing the Extended Service.

Your CO2 extinguishers only need a Basic Service until they are 10 years old at which point, due to being high pressure cylinders, they require pressure testing and revalving. Some companies will exchange your units for ones tested & refurbished that year, others will just replace with new.

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