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Foam filling and schedule 3 interliner


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I have re-upholstered an old 70s egg chair.  Having stripped it down and repaired the carcass (not sure of the construction but some sort of blown foam), I covered it in peel foam, then a fire retardant wool.  I remade cushions for it out of 2" and 3" foam, and covered them in hide.  How are the Fire regulations interpreted in these circumstances.  I re-upholstered this chair as part of an upholstery course but am concerned as there is no Schedule 3 Interliner.

Also, I have been asked to re-upholster a set of dining chairs with drop-in seats. I will be replacing the foam and the fabric they want to use is 100% cotton.  Do I need a Schedule 3 Interliner between the new foam and the cotton fabric.

Thank you.

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My understanding of the regulations are limited but my interpretation of the guidance would ask, what tests does the materials you are using meet. If the foam meet the appropriate tests and leather you are using meet the appropriate match test(s), the an interliner is not required, if the cover material is at least 75% by weight of cotton, flax, viscose, modal, silk, or wool and meets the cigarette test the an interliner is required

Any fabric supplied to provide or replace a permanent cover on furniture (except mattresses, divans, upholstered bed bases, pillows, cushions and baby nests) must:

Either pass the appropriate match test(s) (which depend on whether the fabric is to be used to provide a visible or non-visible part of the cover) 

If the fabric is made from material containing at least 75% by weight of cotton, flax, viscose, modal, silk, or wool whether used separately or together and is not coated with polyurethane or a polyurethane preparation; then this fabric can be offered in non-match-resistant form; provided that the furniture has or will contain a fire-resistant interliner which itself satisfies the test specified in Schedule 3 of the Regulations.

However, furniture using non-match resistant covers must still pass the appropriate cigarette composite test(s).

Check out Fire safety of furniture and furnishings in the home - A Guide to the UK Regulations for more information.

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Thanks Tom.  I think I'm OK on my egg chair.  Foam meets regulations, and cover fabric is cigarette and match tested.  So that's OK.  The shape of the chair would have made it very difficult to cover in Schedule 3 anyway.  As for the dining chairs, I suspected as much but just needed clarification.  I will need an interliner on the dining chairs.  Thanks for your help - I have spent days and days researching the fire regs and various summaries and explanations but still feel somewhat befuddled by them.

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Guest Schedule 3 fabrics

Hi. I am after some advise. I am going to be making footstools and possibly re-upholstrring dining room chairs. After reading the FIRA docs I am still confused. Am I correct that the interlined for the footstools (this being the final fabric before the top fabric) must be schedule 3 compliant if the top fabric is not fire retardant fabric?

If yes, how do I find out which fabrics are schedule 3 compliant?

I have curtain lining fabric an do not know whether I can use this as the barrier fabric or whether calico must be used. How do I know either fabric is schedule 3 compliant?


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Understand I am no an expert in this field but my interpretation would be, you first statement is correct.

How do I find out which fabrics are schedule 3 compliant, you speak to your supplier, who should be able to provide document proof or have it tested yourself.

If you study schedule 3 it says The fabric shall be made of 100 per cent flame retardant polyester fibre. Its construction shall be woven to a plain weave. The yarn in the warp shall be of 1.6 decitex fibre, spun to a linear density of 37 tex, Z twist at 420 turns per metre. The fabric shall be woven to 20.5 yarn threads per centimetre in the warp and more.

Consequently the Curtain lining fabric you have would not be suitable. Check out https://www.firesafe.org.uk/furniture-and-furnishings-fire-safety-regulations-19881989-and-1993/ and study the regulations, especially schedule 3. 



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A couple of points that may help.

First, the Furniture Regulations apply only to suppliers. If, therefore, you are making or re-upholstering furniture just for your own use, it does not have to comply. However, you can not in future sell it on or give it away, since that makes you a supplier.The Regulations are very much out of date and were full of grey areas in the first place. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy is responsible for them. However, the lead official on them is almost totally ignorant about them. If you don't believe me, give her a ring and ask her the kinds of questions being raised here. Her name is Debra Macleod: 020 7215 0973.

I would not recommend FIRA for advice. They are a commercial test house and trade association with some heavily vested interests. Their technical knowledge has somewhat diminished over the past few years under their all-out assault for profits. I also would not trust their guide to the Regulations: apart from containing errors, if you follow it and things go wrong you would not have much of a legal defence. Better, therefore, to use the government's guidance. That too is full of errors and is not even easily available but you can find it here: http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/+/http:/www.bis.gov.uk/files/file24685.pdf



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