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  1. Thanks Tom. I think I'm OK on my egg chair. Foam meets regulations, and cover fabric is cigarette and match tested. So that's OK. The shape of the chair would have made it very difficult to cover in Schedule 3 anyway. As for the dining chairs, I suspected as much but just needed clarification. I will need an interliner on the dining chairs. Thanks for your help - I have spent days and days researching the fire regs and various summaries and explanations but still feel somewhat befuddled by them.
  2. Hi, I have re-upholstered an old 70s egg chair. Having stripped it down and repaired the carcass (not sure of the construction but some sort of blown foam), I covered it in peel foam, then a fire retardant wool. I remade cushions for it out of 2" and 3" foam, and covered them in hide. How are the Fire regulations interpreted in these circumstances. I re-upholstered this chair as part of an upholstery course but am concerned as there is no Schedule 3 Interliner. Also, I have been asked to re-upholster a set of dining chairs with drop-in seats. I will be replacing the foam and the fabric they want to use is 100% cotton. Do I need a Schedule 3 Interliner between the new foam and the cotton fabric. Thank you.
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