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What type of extinguisher for kitchen and lounge

Guest Sophie

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Was wondering whether you could offer some advise. I want to get a fire extinguisher for my kitchen / lounge for domestic use is case of fire. There are so many types i don't know which is mose appropriate - water / foam etc etc. If you cant offer avise do you know somebody who can? Thanks

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Water Mist is pricey, but the best all round action as the others have disadvantages:

Water or CO2 gas: Not even worth considering, too many disadvantages

Foam: Great for solids and liquids, but no good on cooking oils and only 1 manufacturer approves them for electrical fires

Wet Chemical: Great for solids, liquids and cooking oils, not for direct electrical use, slightly messy

Powder: Good performance on solids and liquids, safe for electrical equipment but not the most effective, Not suitable for cooking oils, no longer recommended for indoor use as the powder will obscure vision, affect breathing and is very damaging to surfaces and equipment

Water Mist covers the primary domestic risks to a high standard (solids, cooking oils and electrical) with no mess or damage or adverse effect to the user. It's also safe on liquid fires, just can only deal with very, very small ones, but as this is for the house not the garage that isn't an issue


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