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HMO extinguishers

Guest Wochater

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I would recommend a dry water mist extinguisher with de-ionised water, as it is a broad spectrum extinguisher that leaves no deposit and can be used on electrics. The broad spectrum is important, as you have little control in a HMO over who is using the extinguisher and on what type of fire.

Alternatively, for larger buildings service-free foam extinguishers are the most cost-efficient extinguishers and the P50s are safe to use on electrical equipment (up to 1000V and with 1m safety distance). They do require annual visual inspection by the owner or their inhouse representatives.


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The official guidance states: " In order to provide a facility for extinguishing small fires in their early stages, a simple multi-purpose extinguisher is recommended on each floor in the common parts of HMOs and buildings containing flats. It will not usually be practical to train tenants in the use of these, but basic advice should be offered at the start of each new tenancy. Fire blankets are recommended as good practice in kitchens of all premises covered by this guide, including single household occupation and bedsit rooms."

Traditionally that would have meant dry powder extinguishers, but since the publication of this guidance the use of powder has fallen out of favour and newer standards depricate it's use indoors due to the health & safety risks from inhalation & loss of vision as well as the fact it's exceeding damaging.

So the use of Water Mist or Britannia Triclass extinguishers (foam extinguishers marked for direct electrical use, both in traditional steel variants and Kevlar P50) would be better options - a powder extinguisher would be cheaper......until it gets set off!

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