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Exit signage guidance


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In our school we currently have all Euro signage (apart from two new external classrooms that have a single British sign each). Ideally we'd be using the British standard but it isn't possible to swap out the signage on our emergency lighting units, so we're sticking with the Euro standard until we're told they have to be changed.

I've noticed a lot of the signs around school use down arrows, both for final exit signs and for straight on. My understanding is that straight on should be an up arrow and final exit signs should not have an arrow on. Is that correct? I'm having difficulty finding Euro signs with no arrows on. I can change some of the signage because they are just photoluminescent plastic but some of the incorrect signage is maintained and can't be swapped without replacing the whole unit. It would be very expensive just to change the direction of some arrows. Would this be acceptable or even noticed by our fire service when they audit us in a couple of months?

Thanks in advance.

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The current guidance for exit signage BS5499-4:2013 requires all exit signs to have an arrow and the traditional UK Final/Storey exit sign (just exit/fire exit on it's own, post 1998 with an exit pictogram as well) is no longer meant to be used (I wouldn't replace any existing arrowless final exit signs just on this basis).

Straight on (including through a doorway) should strictly use the up arrow, not the down, but in this risk based world I would apply common sense and where the use of a down arrow is obviously not going to confuse I would leave it in situ. New or replacement signs should of course be correct/

With internally illuminated exit signs you can get replacement fascias so you don't have to replace the whole unit - Whilst not on their website as a JaliteAAA distributor Safelincs should be able to order them in for you: http://www.jaliteaaa.co.uk/pdf/Page 28 Jalite - Industrial & Commercial Catalogue.pdf (Jalite don't sell direct to end users)

If for some reason they can't I can post an alternative supplier.

You would be very unlucky for the fire service to comment, as long as the routes are clearly signed their are not usually picky about the arrows and pictograms used.

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I'm not sure how those replacement fascias would work though. The current signs aren't just stuck on, they are actual plastic inserts. Some of the units are quite old and the manufacturers say they don't have any replacements. Even ones that were purchased only a couple of years ago aren't available. If i stuck these new vinly fascias over the the old ones, wouldn't you still be able to see them?

With regards to the final exit signs and arrows, is what is said on this thread incorrect?


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It's out of date as the current BS5499-4 no longer has the arrowless final exit sign in - the old version did.

If you have the rectangular acrylic slide in inserts it is often cheaper to get a local signmaker to cut to size replacement opaque acrylic sheets which you can stick the legends on

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Is there anywhere to purchase single legends rather than in packs of 5 or ten? I literally only need 2 up and 1 right self-adhesive legend that can be stuck onto bulkhead lights. The ones I found on a competitors website don't appear to let light through, the guy I spoke to said he wouldn't use them for sticking onto lights...

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