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Retrofitting fire door glazing

Guest TGrace

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I have been asked if our maintenance team can retrofit a fire resistant viewing panel within a solid fire door. I have said it is possible but only by an approved installer. They have now asked me to substantiate my statement with a reference to a standard or guidance note. Can you assist me, please?

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"In some situations 'glazed vision panels' or 'glazed apertures' are required to be added to the door to allow for additional light or vision of the other side of the door. 

Non-glazed apertures may be required in the case of louvre panels or air transfer grilles.

The addition of ANY apertures will seriously affect the performance of the door unless it is undertaken ONLY by companies that are licensed and approved to carry out this type of work to agreed procedures.

Cutting and glazing apertures must NEVER be undertaken on site and will negate the door's test certificate."

Source: http://www.bwfcertifire.org.uk/knowledge-centre/installation

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