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Upgrading door and frame to fire door

Guest Jeremy

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Hi there.

I am renovating a house and as part of that, the kitchen will be open plan in the same area as the means of exit.  As such I need to add egress to windows, smoke detectors and upgrade the doors to fire doors.

The house has 2'6" doors and frames (which I believe are inch thick timber).  However, if I want to fit a fire door frame, I'm looking at at least 30mm thick timber.  Fire doors are pretty standard sizes (i'm looking at 1981 x 762) but with the opening I have in the brick wall, I would need to trim the door down more than the 4mm allowed in the specs.

What should I do?  I can't believe I am the first person to upgrade door sets in a renovation project!

Thanks in advance 

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What is 30 mm thick the door or the frame and what is the 4mm allowed in the specs.

You can buy bespoke doors sets, you can upgrade the existing doors and buy fire door blanks to make fire doors sets to a global assessment. You need to discuss your problem with the building control officer or the authorised inspector and get their views.

Check out  http://www.buildingcontrolalliance.org/download/4-bca-loft-conv-tech-note-4-rev-1-pdf/ although for loft conversions it may apply to you.



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hi tom, a little off topic but i am seeking advice as a tenant.

i am concerned by the large gap underneath the entrance door to my flat from a communal stairwell, this being my only means of escape.

i understand that my flat is a compartmentalised unit and that the stairwell should give me thirty minute protection which should be sufficient for the fire brigade to extinguish any fire.

however, i do not understand the difference between the 3mm for a smoke door and the 10mm for other doors. is it acceptable for my door to have a gap underneath sufficient to push an iphone through please?





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It depend on the results of the Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) If a FD30s door was required, and as it is in excess of 3/4 mm then cold smoke seal should be fitted but assuming they are purpose built flats then substantial well fitting fire door could have been accepted.

The stay put policy you spoke of is 60 mins, 30 mins to burn out of the room of origin, then 30 mins to burn through into your flat, total of 60 mins, even more if it has to come via the staircase enclosure which is considered sufficient time for the FRS to attend and extinguisher the fire.

If you feel concerned you could fit a draught excluder which should do the same job by holding back any cold smoke.  

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