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glazed FD30 panel

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I am a leaseholder in an ex-council flat. It is 4th floor but the entry to the flat is from a 5th floor open walkway, so you go downstairs to the living area. The stairs come down to the hall in the centre of the flat with living room and enclosed kitchen on one side separated from the hall by an old fire door. The bedrooms are off the hall on the other side. The overall length of the flat is about 12m so it does not quite fall within the minimum escape route distances. I want to replace the fire door with a glazed screen comprising a glazed door, glazed side panel and glazed fanlight above. This would widen the frame opening, though the door would be the same size as the current door. I can't figure out, and can't get answers from the council, whether this door needs a self closing mechanism. I also don't know who would supply a suitable frame and window panels, though the council joiners would be willing to fit the door and frame if I can find them, but don't seem keen on fitting fire glass into the side / fanlight panel on site.

Can anyone advise?




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I would need to know a lot more information to decide if the the means of escape (MoE) is satisfactory, like is there an alternative MoE, but certainly all the doors to the hall would need to be Fire Doors.(FD) The problem with fire resisting glazing (FRG) is you must consider the radiated heat which may prevent you passing the door to escape so it must not be installed below 1.2m from the floor level or Pilkington Pyrostop is fitted, also you need to have specialist knowledge the fit FRG.

Surf the web for bespoke fire door frames and check our glazed fire resistant fire doors also check out http://www.ggf.org.uk/group/fire-resistant-glazing-group.

With regards to self-closers check out https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/441669/BR_PDF_AD_B2_2013.pdf  page 132 item 2.

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