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Fire door log.


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I have created a fire door log for regular inspections of the doors and will be doing a similar log for the fire escape doors, do I need to do the same for doors not labelled as fire doors or fire escapes?

I would also like to know if new fire doors need to be certified and CE marks on the ironmongery and if so, when this became a requirement?

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You would need to check all fire doors required for means of escape but unfortunately not all are labeled, you would need to identify all doors that need to be fire doors, this could be achieved by studying the Fire Risk assessment, the fire strategy, or the DCLG guide relating to your premises.


All newel installed fire door sets should be certified or at least have documentation that guarantees they meet to required standards. All existing doors could be checked by a qualified FDIS inspector and you would receive a report but you would need to speak to them for more information.

Fire Door Inspection Scheme

After September 2019, all fire resisting doorsets supplied in the EU (including the UK) must be CE marked in compliance with the standard.

Approved Document B (Page 5) also states that one way of demonstrating that proper materials have been used is to use products bearing CE marking in accordance with the Construction Products Directive (89/106/EEC). CE marking of essential hardware will be compulsory from July 2013.

Check out http://www.firecode.org.uk/

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