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Hi All.

Can someone please help me? I am a Carpenter/ builder and just finish a job which is listed below. the home owner has asked me for a certificate so that I can get paid?

I made it very clear before I started the job that I could not supply a certificate but only those issued by the manufactures?

How do I go about this? Here is the list and details of what I did.

1.. took out existing glass in transom and replace with 7.2 Pyrogaurd. fitted them with hardwood beading, glued, screwed, and 30min fire seal tape both sides.   

   All glass are etched I basically followed instruction I found online.

2.. Removed existing 100mm steel hinges and replaced with fire rated hinges with a third added to the centre, so now all doors have 3 x fire rated hinges.

3..Replaced a badly fitted door, like for like FD30 with intumescent strips, sides/top

4.. 2  x doors were cut too short by previous owner, they had wood flooring. so the gap at the bottom were 30mm. so I added a hardwood threshold to get the gap to 5mm.

Thanks in advance, your help is very much appreciated.


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As far as I am aware there are no third party certification schemes for carpenters who fix, repair or modify fire doors, so who ever did the job would not be able to provide a certificate.

Without inspecting your work I would not be able to say it was satisfactory but as you informed your client at the beginning you would not be able to provide a certificate have you considered taking them to the small claims court.

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