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External fire door

Meadow man

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In most cases it does not need to to be fire resistant (FR) but there could be a situation where a dead end external means of escape passes close to the door and if flame was issuing from the door people would not be able to pass then it would be necessary to be FR, but I think this is very rare. 

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I have a situation like this I posteda thread .I live in a basement flat the front door is pvc come down two steps to an area 5ft x5ft then my front door is a very heavy front door into my flat .Two glass double glazed or my be triple .With letterbox .I have a upvc back door to garden .My niebour has low front window that he can step out of and a front door leading to same 5ft x5ft area steps up to upvc front door. My landlord did a return but put old door back on my front door ,it was poorly fitting, it has a sticker underneath stating its a fire door .The freeholder told me to put it back ,I said no its poorly fitting and he hasn't been checking doors and none of the doors in the main building are fire doors, in fact one to one flat has a foot gap under it .He rang my landlord and complained who also told me to put the old ill fitting suspect fire door back on .They didn't offer me a well fitting one,the screws in the bottom hinge were not holding the doir as their is damp in the wall that's affected the wood work .I want the Freeholder to fail the old fire door so the landlord has to fit a new one ,and force the freeholder to contact all the other landlords of their flats so that they can fit or upgrade the non fire doors in this building its over 3 floors by the way. And also what about the rotten frame ? 
Thanks for reading sorry its so long winded.????

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