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Fireangel CO alarm not flashing

Guest Mark

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I bought a Fireangel carbon monoxide alarm, did the reset test to test the alarm. It flashed every second then every few minutes after this, but now the power button is not flashing at all.Is it not supposed to be on at all times?

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I asked Fireangel for a reply. Here it is

'The customer queries that the Power LED is not illuminated, yet the alarm is still testing (giving the audible signal). That means that the LED will be working. However, as this LED is green and will only flicker once a minute. (it can easily be missed, especially in normal daylight). We usually advise to place the alarm into a darkened room and wait a couple of minutes – every customer that does this, will then agree that yes, they can see the green light.

The other option to show that the green LED does work, is to put the unit into Hyper Sensitive mode, see manual http://www.safelincs.co.uk/templates_safelincs/files/datasheets/1524_Fire%20Angel%20CO-9B%20User%20Manual.pdf. This will allow the green LED to flash continuously for a 4 minute period (therefore showing the LED works).'

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