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Fire risk from candles

Guest StuartHo

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Guest StuartHo


I am currently updating our fire risk assessment which up to now was outsourced. I hit a snag: Our church has candles near the entrance area which are lit during the day even when there is no staff or warden. With the public having access, how do you handle this risk in a written fire risk assessment?


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Hi Stuart

This is obviously a problem shared by almost all churches. The focus has to be on ensuring that the candles are placed so, that they won't tip and that there are no flammable materials nearby. Best practice is to have candles on sand trays and the stands being placed on stone bases or metal trays with an extinguisher nearby. See guidance video http://www.safelincs.co.uk/video_player.php?vid=83

To help church wardens with their fire risk assessments we can offer a set of helpful guidance videos matching the categories of fire risk assessments.


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Guest Andy S

The videos you link to are very helpful, thanks. Can you provide any advice on the safe storage of candles? In the run up to Christmas we have a series of candlelit services for which we need to store a very large number of candles. Do the unlit candles themselves, stored in their original boxes, constitute a particular risk and if so do you have any advice on the safe storage of them within the church building?

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The storage of candles will increase the fire loading of the relevant room but would not be considered a major fire risk if locked away in a metal cabinet, the biggest problem is when they are used and great care should exercised. 

Check out http://www.ecclesiastical.com/churchmatters/churchguidance/fireguidance/firerisks/index.aspx

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