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New Fire Door Installation

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Having a new fire door installed so it gives us internal access from the hall to the garage, I know the plasterboards need to be stripped out to install a new frame in the wall, then the fire door casing installed, what size does the casing need to be if the door is 2040 x 726mm ??


Shirley :unsure:

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Hi Shirley you should talk to your joiner but the door between the house and the garage should be a half hour fire door set (FD30) which means the door and frame come as one unit complete with all the door furniture. A fire door cobbled together would not be certificated and may not be acceptable to the building control officer.

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Guest Rebecca

I am trying to get information on whether fire doors are required in a property we own as it is a ground floor flat with its own separate entrance, 2 bedrooms both of which have windows that you can escape from but I cannot find any definitive answers as to whether we still need fire doors (or emergency lighting). Is this something you are able to offer advice on?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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A flat is not subject to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 only the common areas and as it appears you do not share any common areas with other tenants you are not subject to the RR(FS)O however if you are a part or owner/freeholder of the building you could have certain duties.

All domestic dwellings are subject to parts of the Housing Act which is enforced by the local housing department but it is unlikely to affect you regards fire safety.

If however you are refurbishing or doing building work in your flat you could be subject to the Building Regulations and the guidance for fire safety is Approved Document Part B Fire Safety Volume 2.

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