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FRA Inspections on FD30s in HMO properties

Guest Rick

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Hi everyone picked up some great info from this forum but have a few things that have cropped up on the FRA inspections which i need some advice on.

1. inspectors have requested FD30s doors to be fitted to all electric and gas meter cupboards. some of the cupboards are only very small doors so how can this be achieved as the only way i can see it possible is to cut up a door to the correct size and re lip the doors which then defeats the object of a fire door as it has been cut.

2. inspectors have requested intumescent door bar to be fitted to doors with excessive gaps at the bottom. I have never seen a intumesent door bar that would be fitted in a HMO property. Can a brush seal be surface fixed to the door to make up the gap or what other options are there.

3. Can softwoood lippings be used on fd30s. If not where can hardwood lippings be purchased from as we only use B&Q and Travis perkins which none of these stock hardwood.

Lastly is there a link to the bs8214 to refer to online

Many Thanks Rick

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1. You can order bespoke fire doors or purchase a fire door core and make you own, just do a search for "fire door core" and follow the guidance.

2. Check out http://www.safelincs.co.uk/fire-door-protection/ bottom of the page.

3. Any decent timber merchant should be able to supply I use a local one, Sutton Timber for my timber needs.

4. There is no link but you can buy all British Standards from http://shop.bsigroup.com/ and there are other sources.

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