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Smoke alarm for living room to alert me about smoke in fireplace


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I have a fireplace (stove) in the living room that always had some smoke problems, for the last 10 years...However after warm up it has proved to work well. Never have smoke after heating. This season starts to make smoke at night, after we go to sleep and this is a problem. Until i succeed to solve this I need a smoke alarm, no a heat alarm but a smoke alarm to alert me if during the night this happens...some suggestions?

Thanks in advance and sorry about poor English.

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Hi Marath

The smoke in your case is not really a fire risk, so a smoke alarm is not really helpful. You are, however, at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Cooling fires produce significant amounts of carbon monoxide and if this leaks into the room, you are at risk. You should consider buying a carbon monoxide detector.

More info about carbon monoxide


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In addition to what Harry has said you should be trying to rectify the original problem which appears to be that the stove in not drawing properly, (sucking in air to support the combustion) check out http://www.ehow.com/how_12150359_improve-draw-woodburning-stove-burn-better.html which may help.

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