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Internal fire door signage

Guest Martin

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I've just been appointed as the responsible person in a new company I've joined, primarily because I have ran supermarkets & licensed establishments before & dealt with fire safety there. Saying that tho' the regulations appear to be very different when applied to a low risk office with less than 20 able bodied employees I'm discovering. My question is, do all internal fire doors leading to the final fire exit need to be signed as Fire Doors, Keep Shut? The fire doors have self closures and lead to a stairwell which leads to the final fire exit, which is also the main door for entering & exiting the building, the stairwell would count as a place of comparative safety as the building is relatively new build. Would I be right in saying that I do not need green Running Man Fire Exit signage on these doors due to the fact all staff are familiar on a daily basis with the MoE?

Thanks in advance for your help :-)


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Sorry to be pedantic but you are not the Responsible Person that is defined by the regulations and in this case is likely to be the employer, you will be a Competent Person assisting the RP. This is important because in the event of a prosecution it is the RP who is in the dock not the competent Person. All fire resisting doors require "Fire Doors, Keep Shut" signs on both faces and those leading into the stairwell fitted with self closing devices are like to be fire resisting fire doors. You are correct all fire exit routes, in normal use, daily by the staff do not need to be signed but you have to consider Relevant Persons like visitors to the premises, other persons who are not familiar with the premises and they may need signage to find their way out of the building.

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