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CE marking of latches

Guest Julian Cra

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Guest Julian Cra

I’m currently reviewing the Stairways Quality Manuals and I’m seeking clarification with regards to fire door specification.

It is my understanding that, with regards to ironmongery in a fire door, hinges and latches for use on fire doors ‘can’ be CE Marked to BS EN 12209:2003 for latches, and BS EN 1935 for hinges.

Please can you state whether this is now a legal requirement with regards to the actual parts (latches and hinges)?

In simple terms, should ‘can’ be ‘has’ to comply a legal requirement?

Also, I understand that The Technical Standard BS EN 16034, which covers pedestrian door sets, industrial, commercial, garage doors and windows and covers;

  • Product Standard
  • Performance Characteristics,
  • Fire Resistance and/or Smoke Control Characteristics

is a hEN (harmonised standard) in development, written under CPR 2013 and is still being finalised…

Is the anticipated date approximately May 2015 for this to be implemented?

Thus, with regards to fire door specification, do the individual parts have to be CE marked to make (go towards) a door an accredited fire door, (first part of email)

or is the hEN, when comes into effect going to cover this (second part of email)?

I look forward to your response.

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Guest Neil Ashdown

CPR came into force in July 2013 meaning that certain construction products must be CE marked and have a declaration of performance, essential fire door hardware is included because the standards referred to are hEN. Performance is obviously important when installing fire safety devices such as fire doors and escape doors and it is crucial to use correct compatible components with reference to the doors’ fire performance test evidence. Not all door hardware types are suitable for every door – installation should replicate the fire performance test. Approved document B and Code of Practice: Hardware for Fire and Escape Doors should be consulted.

There is, as yet, no hEN for fire resisting doors but there is a hEN for essential fire door hardware. Therefore closers, hinges and locks/latches installed with fire doors must be CE marked and in accordance with BS EN1154, BS EN1935 and BS EN12209 respectively.

Neil Ashdown, Fire Doors Complete Ltd

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To the best of my knowledge to comply with the Construction Products Regulations (CPR) each piece of door furniture sold in the EC require being CE marked. To conform, each item needs to meet the appropriate hEN standard, BS EN 12209:2003 for latches and BS EN 1935 for hinges, therefore are obligatory.

BS EN 16034 will be a new hEN for fire resistance and smoke control, it also covers self-closers and emergency door opening devices. Consequently for fire doors to be CE marked they need to conform to the new hEN.(Obligatory)

The date it comes in to force is anybody’s guess but check out the following power point it may help. Domestic Doors Luke Adams.ppt - RedBook Live it

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