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Kitchen fire extinguishers

Guest Andrew

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Guest Andrew

Could you please advise on the best extinguisher for a small kitchen in a residential centre.

Are CO2 or dielectrically tested foam suitable alternatives to dry water mist? Also, can CO2 be used in a small room?

Thank you

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Hi Andrew

Water mist fire extinguishers have the advantage that they are non-toxic, very easy to use and cover a broad spectrum of fire risks.

CO2 is not very effective on fire with embers and outright dangerous if used on deep fat fryer fires.

Dielectrically tested foams are good for most kitchen risks, however, again they are dangerous on deep fat fryer fires and are usually toxic, so maybe not the best choice.


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You do not need a CO2 extinguisher for any electrical risk which can be removed by isolation the supply at the meter and then use the appropriate class of extinguisher on the fire. Check out http://www.safelincs.co.uk/fire-extinguishers-suitable-for-kitchens/ to identify the appropriate extinguishers.

The only exception is the meter cupboard/room itself.

Check out http://www.firesafe.org.uk/portable-fire-extinguisher-general/

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