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Fire Extinguisher ID signs. Needed or Not?

Guest Forest10

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Guest Forest10

Can anyone tell me if Fire Extinguisher ID Signs are needed above every extinguisher?. Could you also point me in the direction of any specific legislation that says this.

I am aware the the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order states in 13.-(1) (b) any non-automatic fire fighting equipment so provided is easily accessible, simple to use and indicated by signs.

Indicated by signs....., could this just be a fire point sign? or could the extinguisher act as its own sign. I cant find anywhere where it states that extinguisher specific signs are needed above every extinguisher.

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Hi Guest_Forest10_*

The British Standard BS 5306-8:2012 (a recommendation only) in section 6.1 NOTE 2 states:

"The position and type of a fire extinguisher should be indicated on a sign so
that, if the extinguisher is removed, this can be identified during a safety
inspection, and a replacement ordered."

So, as far as the British Standard is concerned, each extinguisher ought to have an ID sign. Whenever I perform extinguisher site surveys now an ID sign is included with every extinguisher.

Hope this helps.



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I think the legislation RR(FS)O art 13(1) b is quite clear " where necessary a fire extinguisher sign is required" and the British Standard recommends a FFE sign should be provided but would not a bracket without an extinguisher hanging from it, indicate it had been removed? IMO the decision lies with the Responsible Person whether it is necessary or not.

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