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Exit route door furniture

Guest jeremy whittingham

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Guest jeremy whittingham

After quite a bit of research I've found lots of information on emergency fire door exit requirements, but I'm struggling with specifics on doors along the evacuation route.
I'm aware that a fire exit must only have one mechanism to open it, but can't find reference to doors along the route.
I have a portacabin with 2 adjoining infant classrooms, the door just before the final exit door has 2 operating door handles, one up high so the toddlers can't escape
Can I use the common sence approach and recommend immediate action on removing the lower handle, so only one mechanism is on the door?
Quoting legislation always helps, but is there any?

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I was all ways told fire safety is 80% common sense and your solution will improve matters providing your fire procedures ensue there will always be sufficient adults available to open these doors in an emergency. The legislation and guidance only talks about all doors needed for means of escape must be easily opened and direction of opening, but not by whom.

There are two guides for education premises https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/fire-safety-risk-assessment-educational-premises https://www.education.gov.uk/consultations/downloadableDocs/BB100%20July%2005%20-%20Complete.pdf

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