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EI156LTH Intermitent beep??

Guest matt

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Ive got the above alarm that beeps every so often. Iv tried replacing the alarm, holding test button etc, but it still beeps.

The green power light is on.

Anyone got any ideas what the issue is?


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When the alarm is beeping
The Alarm automatically monitors the cells every 40 seconds
to ensure they are satisfactory. If a problem is identified it will
give a short beep every 40 seconds. If the unit is giving beeps
then check the following:
(i) Check that the green mains power light is on. If it is off the
Alarm has been powered from the cells and the beeps
indicate they are depleted. Re-connect the mains, check fuse,
circuit breakers and wiring. If in doubt contact a qualified
electrician. The beeps should cease within 2 hours as the
cells charge up.
(ii) Check that the hush button has not been pressed
inadvertently (Ei151TL only). This also causes beeps every 40
seconds for up to 15 minutes. Press the test button to cancel
hush mode beeps.
(iii) The cells may be depleted. The beeps should cease within
2 hours as they charge up. Fully charged, the cells will provide
up to 6 months back-up without mains power.
(iv) On the Optical Smoke Alarms only
(Ei156TLH) if the unit beeps and the red light does not flash at the same time
it indicates a problem with the smoke chamber - see Cleaning
the Smoke Alarm.
If all of the above possible causes of beeps have been ruled
out but the beeping has still persisted for over 2 hours with the
green light on - the rechargeable cells are probably defective.

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Hi Matt

Following some discussions at our end, I would say that if you have replaced the alarm and it is still beeping this would indicate a wiring problem rather than an issue with the smoke alarm. You ought to speak to an electrician to check for any loose connections or wiring shorts that may be causing the problem


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