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Life expectancy of emergency lighting

Guest JimSim

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Guest JimSim

Would you please advise me what is the expected life of an Emergency lighting fixture.
If there is a monthly short test and a yearly long test ifs the fixture battery and,inverter expected to last indefinitely , or is their a British or European standard minimum

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The lights should be tested once a month, short duration, and must be tested once a year for a minimum of 3 hours duration.

The fixture itself could last for many years, but if any part fails in the test, that part should be replaced. As a rule of thumb the batteries will last for around 3 years.

If the fitting has a florescent tube the life will depend on if the unit is maintained or non-maintained, in either case if the lamp has blackened ends / starting to turn black the tube will need replacing.

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Most manufacturers do not give any extended warranties on emergency lighting. However, can I please mention at this point (sorry for the advertising), that Safelincs offers a 5 year warranty on emergency lighting although it is important to emphasise that

- Maintained emergency lighting (always on)

- batteries

- bulbs

are excluded from this warranty


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