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How can I get a fire door assessed?

Guest AmitDa

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Guest AmitDa

I have received a letter from my Flat management company advising that the current doors may not be comliant with the current Fire door safety standards. BSI:1804 or something. They have asked me get the door changed or get it assessed by an expert and send them the assessment report. Could you please advise on how Can I get this done?


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Guest Neil Ashdown

Hi Amit,

Yes this is beginning to happen, Local authorities and building owners are waking up to their responsibilities under the Fire Safety Order. They are trying to ensure that owners of flats and apartments in blocks they own have compliant fire doors opening on to common areas.

The Fire Door Inspection Scheme will be able to help you. You can contact them at www.fdis.co.uk Email info@fdis.co.uk and Telephone 0844 801 1518.

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Guest ColinMast

I am Company Secretary of a company owning 21 flates in 2 blocks all with front doors opening on to shared staiwells. Originally (in the 1970s) all these doors were considered fire resistant. Many have been changed. Is there a way of finding out which ones are compliant (or can be made compliant) with current reqirements?

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Identifying fire doors is not simple task, only fire door sets that are easy to identify are certificated door sets which will be labelled or identified by plastic plugs. Most fire doors will not be labelled and it is up to the person checking them to establish if they are up to the required standard and can be considered a nominal fire door.

I would suggest you check out http://www.firesafe.org.uk/fire-doors/ and watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RQzl02C-NE to understand the complexity of them and even good joiners may not be able to identify them unless they have been on a specialists course.

There are Fire Door Surveyors that can inspect them and provide a relevant report which I would think is the best way forward for you. Search the web with “Fire Door Surveyor” and select the one best suitable for your needs.

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