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Do HMOs need fire extinguishers?

Guest AndySt

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You need to check out with the local housing department who are the authority who licence HMO,s. Also the common areas are subject to The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and fire extinguishers are required, if necessary, check out regulation 13.Fire-fighting and fire detection of the RR(FS)O.

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Guest davidmal

Hi there.

I live in a block of 9 flats built in 1980.
Our recent fire risk assessment came up with a stay put policy and asked us to remove our recently serviced fire extinguishers? On the grounds that we are not trained. This seems silly to me. Do you envisage that this rule will ever change as I am very reluctant to remove a possible life saving bit of equipment.


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Guest DianaSal

I recently moved into a new build 2nd floor apartment which is leasehold and day to day maintenance is done by a management company this company have taken it upon themselves to remove all the fire extinguishers from the communal stairways and landings saying the it is not a fire service requirement any more to have them,can you please confirm if this is true and if so why that is,as we are concerned residents

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Some fire and rescue services recommend the removal of fire extinguishers from common areas and if the residents feel the need for them to protect their own accommodation, they will have to provide them for themselves. The reason seems to be that if the management company provides fire extinguisher they will have a duty of care and have to train the residents in there use. Also the risk in the common areas is relatively low but the risk in the flats is much higher. If you have any doubts you should contact the local Fire and Rescue Service.

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