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Occupancy Levels in Swimming Pools


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I am looking into the Occupancy Levels for Swimming Pools, and how normally Able Bodied Persons can then become a higher risk as they may not be able to swim very fast to get out of the pool and to an exit in the event of a fire.

Examples of typical floor space factors in reference documents don’t seem to reference Swimming Pools

Any Additional literature or pointers on this subject would be welcome.

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I was unable to find any occupancy levels for swimming pools for the UK but there are in the USA they quote 50 sq ft in the pool and 15 sq ft on the side but it varies for different states. They also have figures for the number of persons for each lifeguard which is 40 and suggest you could use that, but I am not sure how?

Because the fire risk is so low in the pool area I would imagine the chance of major problems is also very low and a good PEEP should be able to deal with it. http://www.firesafe.org.uk/fire-emergency-evacuation-plan-or-fire-procedure/

I did find a H&S document HSG 179 but nothing about fire safety. http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/books/hsg179.htm

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I have looked at the usual points of reference BS , Approved
Docs etc and no joy, I Have searched other countries , US Canada, Australia and
the Kiwis but as you say figures and approaches vary to H&S with ratios.

Despite the sterile nature of the environment I would like
to work something out. They have had issue in the past relating to a Fire in
the Pool area so it is s distinct possibility that it could happen again. It
seems obvious that they have not learnt from there lessons.

I would be interested in other peoples approach if
anyone has carried out a Fire Risk Assessment in a sports centre or similar
containing a pool.

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