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How often do extinguishers need replacing?


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I would be interested in a bit of feedback:

If you have a business with water, foam and powder extinguishers installed in your premises - how often does your service engineer completely replace the units?

Every five years? Every ten years? Only when the cylinders are rusty etc?

Does it matter to the engineer if the extinguishers are powder or foam/water?

Do you get service exchange units installed or new?

Thanks for your time


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I travel around quite a lot, I often see fire extinguishers that are old (over 5 years) some even over 10. I would say that the service engineer can only advise the customer an extinguisher needs replacing, but if they do not want to pay for it, I can not see what the engineer can do.

I will make a note and post back with some dates of extinguishers I have seen.

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Guest AnthonyC


I would think that most companies are changing extinguishers for new every time they need to be changed, so that would be 5 years and 10 years for a Carbon Dioxide. Given the base cost of a new extinguisher compared to the cost of all the spare parts.

Its like most people don't extended service Gas Cartridge, but replace with Stored Pressure.

I also know most companies don't bother doing the extended service Nu-Swift Extringuishers, as its cheaper to replace with new!

Regards, Anthony

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