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Emergency Lighting in Warehouse

Guest JohnNel

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Hi John

I would assume that if only your own staff is within the warehousing buildings, non-maintained emergency lighting might in general be sufficient. Areas of higher risk (plant, fork lift routes next to footpaths, areas used by external drivers) might require maintained emergency lighting.


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Maintained or non-maintained is the principal consideration, which is decided by the use of the premises.
Maintained emergency luminaire is a luminaire in which the emergency lighting lamps are on at all times. Maintained mode is generally used in places of assembly such as theatres, cinemas, clubs and halls; the full list is contained in BS 5266. The lights are typically dimmed when these premises are occupied and the emergency escape lighting prevents total darkness.
Non-maintained emergency luminaire is a luminaire whose emergency lamps only come on when the power supply to the normal lighting fails. Non-maintained is the typical mode in a workplace, office, factory or similar environment in which artificial lighting is normally deployed while the premises are occupied.
External door lighting will depend on the level of lighting at these locations during the hours of darkness. If your employee and relevant person are put at risk due to the level of lighting then you need it.
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