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Where do I need fire exit signs?

Guest AlanH

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I am struggling to fully understand what signs need to be where?

Should doors from low occupancy offices be marked as 'Fire Exit'? Should doors to low occupancy areas be marked 'Fire escape keep clear'?

I believe in the past the signs have been put up in good faith but it now doesn't give a consistant message.

Who can I speak to or go to for GOOD advice our current Fire Risk Assessment provider hasn't helped!


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Fire escape routes in common use do not need to be signed because all employees will be familiar with the way out however if you allow access to the general public you may need some signing. All alternate escape routes not familiar to your employees should be signed and any doors on the escape routes that could be blocked accidental should have signs to prevent this.

Check out section 6 in Download ‘Fire safety risk assessments - offices and shops’ (PDF, 2.5MB) and http://www.safelincs...eractive-guide/

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Fire escape signs are provided to guide you from wherever you are in a building, via a place of relative safety (the escape route) to the place of ultimate safety (outside and away from the building).

Fire escape signs are not needed on the main route into or out of a building (the one used by people for normal arrival and exit), but alternative escape routes and complicated escape routes do need to be signed. It must not be assumed that everyone which includes visitors will know all safe routes through the building.

Check out http://www.safelincs.co.uk/fire-safety-signs-interactive-guide/ for which signs to use and where to position them.

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