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Front door locks

Guest Wren

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I've just moved into a new flat on the ground floor of a purpose built block. At the moment, we have to lock the door from the inside with a key, otherwise it can be opened from the outside by anyone who has gained entry to the block. Someone told me that regulations require you to be able to escape without the use of a key. Is my landlord required to change the lock? If so, could someone tell me where I could find this in writing? I already know that my landlord is not very willing to do anything he doesn't have to...

Many thanks

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This is unusual, in most purpose built flats the front door of the flat is secured from the common areas. You are right you should be be able to escape without the use of a key check out last paragraph of page 26 of the DCLG guidance document Sleeping accommodation which is the appropriate guidance. There is a other guidance document "Fire safety in purpose-built blocks of flats" which says the same.

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