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Industrial Unit Fire Exit/Fire Alarm


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Hi a small industrial unit newly built 150 sq mtr no mezzanine. Main entrance door leads into a small office with a fire door leading off into the warehouse area and roller shutter door to front. Number of staff at any one time would be 2 in the office and installers collecting stock from the warehouse throughout the day (lpg FLT). EML fitted throughout but no fire alarm, if a fire occurred in the office no one in the warehouse would know and could potentially block off that escape route leaving the only exit once aware of any fire would be via the roller shutter which is not defined as a suitable means of escape. Without installing a full fire alarm system is there anything else that would be acceptable? Thanks in advance.

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If you have to discount the shutter as it has no wicket gate and doesn't meet the definition in (f) above and the premises are as small as you describe (thus not requiring an electrical fire alarm system as human detection & verbal warning is deemed sufficient) then to manage the 'inner room' (warehouse) situation then you can either:
- ensure there is a vision panel in the door between the inner room (warehouse) & access room (office); or

- provide a mains powered (Grade D) domestic smoke alarm to the inner room

(Reference https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/64257bbe3d885d000cdadf2d/A_guide_to_making_your_small_non-domestic_premises_safe_from_fire.pdf)

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