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Remedial repair 2-4mm gap

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Hi Guys, my daughter has just bought her first apartment. There was a fire door inspection done a couple of years ago but the previous occupant had not done the advised work.

We have now carried out most of the work, fitted a new fire door with pads and new fire cert fittings and replace the intrumescent seals that are rebated in the frame. We have one issue left.

The door frame left to right is slightly greater in one small area (approx 8") of the required 2-4mm gap. It is 5mm We haven't planed the door left to right.

So we have the 2-4mm gap hinge side &  top and most the latch side. The gap is simply larger than the unplaned door width + 4mm +4mm.

I'm looking for advise on how to remedy this issue please.

I've found a product called framefit which comes in 1.5mm depth so this could take up the slack. Could I simply fill this small area with filler?

As it is only 1mm several coats of paint may even fill the gap.

I don't want to pull the frame as it is solid and for 1mm this is the last option.

This may have been a job too far, I found it very stressful. 🙂

Thanks in advance for any advice


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Thanks Neil, that was the advice from my nephew too, the carpenter who did the work but that terrified me 😄

Is it feasible to use real wood Ash veneer ? Or is this a no no.

As I've said it's only an 8 inch area. I'll have another chat with my nephew about what you both recommended.

Thanks again Neil, I really appreciate you help 👍

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